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Heart Awakening Psychotherapy:
Exploring the Depths of Consciousness
and Healing from Within

Empowering High Achieving Empaths and Introverts


Are you exhausted and overwhelmed from putting everyone else first? Dissatisfied with life even after preforming as expected? Are your relationships suffering? 

With so many demands in life it is difficult to recharge, listen to our intuition, and set boundaries to protect our energy. I am here, offering a non-judgmental safe place to for you to discover just what you need to live the life you crave. 

In working with me clients say I provide a gentle honest invitation to self discovery and healing. Clients see a difference in their life through healing trauma, building confidence, and increased self awareness. 

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Why Seek Online Telehealth Therapy?

There are many reasons why you might be interested in starting a therapy journey. While people assume that you "have it all together" based on how you present yourself, internally you may be suffering from:

Therapy can also be an incredible resource if you're feeling burned out in work or relationships. You may be seeking a way to get to the center of who you are in order to find meaning and purpose in your life in regard to your career, romantic relationships, and the relationship with yourself.

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About Amaia Oiz

Amaia Oiz is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dating and Sex Empowerment Coach, Yoga Teacher, Cycle Awareness Mentorand Mystic

As a holistic therapist, I understand the importance of integrating mind, body, emotion, and soul into my work. I was fortunate in early adulthood to have discovered the practice of yoga, which I credit as the first structured spiritual system to have influenced my path. The difficult and painful childhood I experienced was the catalyst for my deep dive into psychology and journey of personal growth. I know what it takes to do this work and I am honored to support others in healing.

I understand the impact of cultural and familial conditioning and work to help you unlearn what is no longer serving you. Self-acceptance and self-compassion is key to wholeness and increased intuition. All of my work with clients is trauma informed and I continually strive to be culturally competent. 

So many of us were not taught how to trust, affectively communicate, confront others, use our intuition or love ourselves in healthy ways. The good news is we can all learn these skills. In session I invite you to explore what is meaningful to you, so that you can best express your authentic self and cultivate meaningful relationships.